Freesound Music Label

We do not only produce royalty or copyright free for our youtube channel. Our associated artists are also producing copyrighted music which can be licensed for your productions by request! please write to fsm.freesoundmusic(at) (or use contact form on website)
Here is our artist roster

Giorgio Di Campo

Giorgio is our main composer for our royalty free music. He can write and produce in many different styles like jazz, new age, funk, soul etc

Dandy Stylez

Dandy Stylez is the pseudonym of Jürgen Bernert-Jagfeld when he is producing chill out or lofi beats

Dandy Stylez on Spotify

Vintage Beats Club Vienna

This is the latest musical project of Dandy Stylez. He uses very Jazzy vibes in moody LoFi gems. The first track "Chiller Cat"was just released in April 2021 - more tracks will follow frequently! Stay tuned

Vintage Beats Club on Spotify

The Freesounders

This is the official band of freesoundmusic. they can play everything from Dixieland, Swing, Jazz, Latin, Funk or Smooth Jazz!

The Freesounders on Spotify

Lofi Sax

The newest musical project of the sax player Jürgen Bernert-Jagfeld aiming on interesting collaborations with other lofi/chill hop artists.

Lofi Sax on Spotify