Twitch Streaming License

We are offering a special license for all streamers on Twitch: For a monthly fee of only 5 € you can use all pieces of  no copyright music that we have already published on our YouTube channel and also all royalty free tracks we will publish in the future! Use our copyright free music as background in your streams! Unlimited in terms of time and quantity! No more problems with copyright claims or strikes!

We are aware that we only cover specific genres / niches of music: If you are looking for authentic-sounding music from the following genres: Jazz, Country Music, Vintage Jazz, Swing, Folk, Bluegrass, Funk, Smooth Jazz, Rock and much more you are right with us. More than 650 titles are currently waiting for you (as of Jan 2021) and there are more every day! 

Your advantages:

 - Permission for unlimited use of our entire daily growing music library on your Twitch channel

 - Preferential knowledge of your personal wishes regarding the expansion of our repertoire

 - Help and support with converting the videos of our YouTube channel into mp3

 - If there should be copyright claims, we will support you with the necessary written documents to object the claim *

*) Even if we own all rights to our music, it can happen that third parties bring in erroneous (automated) claims or even fraudulent claims. So far we have been able to successfully fight each of these claims!

Twitch - Abo monthly payment: 5€

every month 5 € will be automatically debited from your Paypal account

Twitch - Abo yearly payment: 50€

once a year 50€ will be debited automatically from your Paypal account

Your part of the deal:

- Place logo and credits for our music visible on your Twitch page:

music by

- Music from our catalog may only be used in live streams with a valid subscription.

If you cancel your subscription, recorded streams can remain on the page (with credits in the description).

New streams may not be recorded!

Do you have questions? Feel free to ask us!