Lofi Camp - The Powerplay List

Thanks for your interest to join the Lofi Camp Powerplay List!

What is it about?

This playlist will bring approx. 1000 spotify plays per month for every participant! Every participant has to play the entire playlist every day. The playlist will contain maximum 2h of music and ca 35 participants or tracks -> This will bring at least 35 x 30 days =1050 spotify plays per month for each track on the list (if the list is played several times in cycle it will be more plays - this will happen, but is no must)

The rules:
1. you need to have spotify premium
2. you need to have a facebook profile
3. you play the entire playlist at least once a day -use the free site statsforspotify.com to document your plays and make a screenshot
4. you post the screenshot every day in our facebook group, so everybody in the group knows who is active.
5. If you miss to post your play stats you get a warning and you have to play the list minimum twice the next day
6. If you miss to post your play stats without giving notice your track will be deleted from the playlist
7. All participants have to give a like to all tracks on the list and follow all other artist (screenshots in group for proof)
8. Each participant can submit only one track (length of track shouldn't exeed 3 min! - so we can add 40 participants which means 1,2k plays/month)

This concept works very well when every participant does his job every day - therefore the rules are mandatory!
Please only submit your track if you are able to follow the rules!!!

This project starts in April 2021 so the number of plays will be lower unless the list is full

If you want to take part please send a message with the link of your song via facebook messenger to 

click here